United church of Christ in Japan
Chiba Church


In Chiba city, Japan, is a church of Christ,Chiba church. Since 1879 it has propagated Christianity. It is the Presbyterian church and belongs to the United church of Christ in Japan, the head office of which is in Waseda, Tokyo.


Services at Chiba church:

  • Sunday 1st service From 10.30 a.m. Sunday

The 1st service is a main service of Chiba church. The sermons regard the words of the Bible.

Used Language

Japanese is used in all the services and activities etc.
The title of the sermon and the passages of the Bible next week are shown in Japanese page of Web.


The chapel of Chiba church was built in 1895 owing to a design by a German architect Richard Seel. It is a Gothic,German log house style wooden architecture.
In 1975 this chapel was designated tangible cultural property of Chiba prefecture.
This wooden chapel has very good acoustics. Chapel concerts are also held.